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When it comes to bathroom design, the placement of a toilet paper holder can almost seem like an afterthought. There may be a recess in the tiled wall by the toilet itself for hanging a single roll, or a basic holder could be attached to a neighboring vanity or cabinet. Neither solution may be ideal, which is why many people seek out a freestanding toilet paper holder for convenience and aesthetics. A freestanding toilet paper holder solves any accessibility issues, and many also allow for additional storage for easier replenishment.

A basic freestanding toilet paper holder may appear more functional than decorative, but there are more advanced models that incorporate storage for reading material, electronic devices and additional toiletries. There are also more whimsical options, often in the form of bears, long-tailed cats or other characters. One of the best functional options is the Gatco 1443SN Modern Square Base Toilet Paper Holder Stand with Storage , a straightforward chrome-enhanced model with a generous storage capacity and sturdy base plate.

Most freestanding toilet paper holders are more functional than decorative, but they do have some design elements to consider. Overall height is a consideration, since the roll needs to be accessible for users of all ages. The sturdiness of the base is also important, since many models tend to be top heavy and prone to tipping over if not supported by a heavy base. Some holders may be adjustable, but not all offer this option.

The design of a freestanding toilet paper holder should also accommodate rolls of different sizes, from smaller standard rolls to supersized megarolls.The roll should fit securely on the holder arm, with some means of holding it in place. The stem and base should also keep other rolls suspended above the floor to keep them clean and dry.  For more information, take a look at the full freestanding toilet paper holder buying guide from BestReviews.

A freestanding toilet paper holder is definitely going to be a visible accessory in a bathroom, so manufacturers often use the same construction material as other accessories. Stainless steel is a popular choice, along with chrome-plated metal. Treated wood is another possibility, as is a painted ceramic for more decorative models. The base may be constructed from a different material to give it more weight than the stem or holder.

A basic freestanding toilet paper holder may only be designed to hold a single standard roll of toilet at a time, while more advanced models could hold three or four rolls on the stem and one in the holder. There may also be additional storage elements, such as a basket or magazine rack, built into the design.

While many freestanding toilet paper holders feature a minimalist but modern design, there are also models that incorporate more decorative themes. Some toilet roll holders feature characters such as bears, exotic birds or long-tailed animals. There may also be humorous graphics or bathroom-related slogans. There may also be more color options available for a customized look.

The most basic freestanding toilet paper holders may not offer much in the way of additional storage, but many midrange and higher end models do provide add-ons such as shelves, baskets and media racks. A top shelf could contain a cellphone or other electronic device, for example. It could also hold air freshener, hand sanitizer or other toiletries.

A basic table-mounted toilet paper holder can be found on store shelves for as little as $10, but the sweet spot for most household models with additional storage space is $25-$40. Higher end options with artistic elements or quality metallic finishes can cost $100 or more.

A. The answer varies from model to model, but generally speaking a modern freestanding toilet paper holder should be able to hold oversized rolls and paper towels. If the roll fits in a standard wall-mounted holder, there's a good chance it will also fit in a freestanding model.

A. Wall-mounted toilet paper holders do perform well, but their position is fixed. Some users may prefer a more accessible location, or the ability to store replacement rolls. Freestanding toilet paper holders can also add to the bathroom's overall aesthetics instead of being purely functional.

Gatco 1443SN Modern Square Base Toilet Paper Holder Stand with Storage: available at Amazon

Our take: This handcrafted and polished toilet paper holder provides a designer touch to a basic bathroom accessory.

What we like: The modern chrome-finished designed is simple but elegant. Additional rolls can be stored on the post for easy replacement. The base is weighted to reduce the chance of a tip over. The roll holder is capped for additional security.

What we dislike: Some customer concerns about premature rusting and an unstable connection between the stand and base.

SimpleHouseware Bathroom Toilet Tissue Paper Roll Storage Holder Stand: available at Amazon

Our take: This sturdy, no-frills toilet paper holder is ideal for bathrooms with limited space, such as apartments or guestrooms.

What we like: The attractive chrome finish fits well with most bathroom decor. Base holds two replacement rolls. Top roll is at an accessible height. The functional design is unobtrusive.

What we dislike: The stand can be top heavy and prone to tipping over without additional rolls in the base. Some reports of damaged or missing pieces on arrival.

SunnyPoint Toilet Tissue Paper Roll Storage Holder Stand: available at Amazon

Our take: The SunnyPoint toilet tissue holder's generous storage capacity and additional shelf make it ideal for larger families.

What we like: The holder incorporates an additional top shelf for storing items such as medications, toiletries and cellphones. A matte black finish stands out but is not obtrusive. The stand can store larger toilet paper sizes, such as megarolls. The weighted base resists tipping and suspends toilet paper above the floor.

What we dislike: The top shelf can limit access to the current toilet paper roll. Some customers report that assembly can be challenging.

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