Stain removal hacks: How to get rid of drink stains - wine, tea and more |

2022-06-25 07:17:30 By : Ms. Mandy Sheng

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An unexpected spilled drink can be devastating for the carpet and upholstery around your home, haunting you forever with an unsightly stain. Though some liquids are renowned for long-standing stains, according to Dean Davies, a professional cleaner at Fantastic Services, there are some simple hacks that can reverse the damage before it sets in for good.

The key, however, is to tackle spillages as soon as they occur.

Tea and coffee stains are arguably one of the most common and can be difficult to remove due to their dark pigmentation.

Mr Davies told "Depending on how much sugar or milk is in the drink, removing these stains is tricky.

"Coffee and tea can cause permanent damage, and even professionals don't promise complete success to customers."

However, with the right determination, you may be able to lift the stain in the moments directly following the spill.

Mr Davies said: "Use a towel to dry off the area by lifting as much liquid as possible after rinsing it off with water.

"Make sure to choose a stain remover that's right for the fabric.

"You'll need to use a combination of stain removers and fibre and fabric rinsers.

"Just be patient and repeat the steps, stopping when you get the desired result."

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As the warmer days of summer approach, a few cans of beer are likely to be cracked across the nation.

Whether you have a gathering of friends or accidentally knock your beer over while watching TV, the sugars in beer can be problematic if they come into contact with the fibres of your carpet.

Mr Davies said: "For beer stains, try rubbing the stain with an ice cube while adding liquid detergent or dish soap to a cup full of warm water.

"Use the mixture to blot the stain with a paper towel."

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Red wine is another drink that is renowned for leaving horrific stains on clothes, furniture and flooring.

However, it is possible to undo some of the damage if you tackle the problem head-on and with haste.

Mr Davies said: "The simplest method is to spray hot or cold water onto the stain and then blot the upholstery with a clean cotton cloth.

"If that doesn't work, try adding one tablespoon of laundry detergent to several cups of cold water with vinegar in it.

"Spray the solution onto your upholstery and wipe it with a clean cotton cloth."

Not only does spilled milk run the risk of curdling and giving off a pungent odour, the liquid can also result in permanent stains.

If you do spill milk, Mr Davies recommends investing in a protein stain remover.

You may also have success with a detergent or stain remover that includes enzymes.

Mr Davies explained: "The first step is to grab your protein stain remover, cover the stain with it, and then use a fabric rinser or cold water to lift the product.

"You must use cold water; hot water can mess up the condition.

"Lift as much of the moisture as you can before rinsing again.

"Use paper towels or absorbent cloths to blot away any remaining moisture."

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