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2022-07-30 06:38:55 By : Mr. Adam Lin

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Shea Simmons is an Atlanta-based writer who has written about everything from whether Crisco is a good moisturizer to how to KonMari your space. Her work has appeared in Bustle, My First Apartment, and Make It Grateful. Read more...

Some people toss a towel in the laundry right after use. Others hang them on a towel bar and reuse them over a few days. But which one is the correct way to care for your towels?

While it’s certainly not a bad thing to switch your towel daily, you really only need to trade in a new one every three to five uses.

Depending on your shower frequency, a new towel could be needed between every two and five days. For example, a person who showers in the mornings before work, heads home, works out, and showers again is going to need to replace their towels more often. A person who showers just once a day can likely stretch their towel-washing day for up to five days. Remember, it’s about usage—not days.

In order to keep your towels as fresh as possible between washes, you might want to consider a towel rack or towel bar. Clumping your towels together in a pile doesn’t allow them to fully dry. This can lead to bacteria and germ build-up that can then transfer to your skin causing irritation and the exacerbation of existing skin conditions just as acne and eczema.

Keep your towels germ free as they dry.

When it is time to wash your towels, you don’t have to do so in scalding hot water. Cold water works just fine thanks to advancements in detergents. When it comes to said detergent, be sure you aren’t overdoing it. Measure out the correct amount according to the detergent’s label. Too much can cause oversudsing and leave your towels stiff. Finally, skip the dryer sheets and fabric softener which can leave a film on your towels and make them less absorbent over time.

The next time you start reaching for that old towel, consider how long it has been hanging out to dry and maybe grab another.

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