The 10 Best Ways to Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Spa

2022-06-02 07:33:22 By : Ms. Sophie Chow

Want to turn this space into a soothing sanctuary? Relax: All you need are these easy—and affordable—ideas.

Now that we've been spending so much more time in our homes, one thing has become clear: Carving out a restful spot to unwind (away from the family hubbub and work calls) is a worthwhile move. While of course that can be a cozy bedroom or an inviting living area, there's something about a spa-like bathroom that feels exceptionally indulgent—and all it takes are a few style updates to turn a basic bathroom into a tranquil retreat.

To help you pull it off, we've curated a collection of calming (and well-priced) accents, all from The Home Depot. Check out our picks and get inspired to bring more serenity to your space.

Which colors come to mind when you think of a spa? Probably pale blues and greens or soft neutrals like taupe and gray, along with plenty of crisp, clean white. You can't go wrong if you take cues from this soothing palette for all of the elements (vanity, mirror, wainscotting) for your own spa-inspired bath. The Home Depot ProjectColor paint app can help you pinpoint (and virtually try out) the perfect calming wall color too.

Research has shown spending time in—or just looking at—nature has a soothing psychological effect, so bringing a little of it into your bathroom—even if it's just a houseplant or two— can help carry that blissful feeling indoors. No green thumb? No problem: Carefree faux plants are your fuss-free fix.

Natural wood and woven textures offset a bathroom's cool, hard surfaces like glass, tile, and metal. Consider swapping out your ordinary bath mat for a slatted one made of eco-friendly teak wood.

Antique-y elements, like pendant lamps with an oil-rubbed bronze finish, give a bathroom a relaxed, lived-in look. Add dimmers so you can get a soft glow whenever you want to wind down.

There’s nothing like bathroom clutter to mess with your inner peace, so it's smart to invest in pieces that come with plenty of storage. A vanity with a combination of cabinets and drawers is ideal for hiding makeup, grooming tools, and other essentials in plain sight. It keeps items accessible and your surfaces clear.

In an actual spa, all the design details are carefully chosen for a specific, peaceful effect; nothing looks jarring or out of place. You can get the same look at home by going with the same finish for all your hardware and accessories, from your towel racks to the robe hook that's right where you need it when you step out of the shower.

Reflective surfaces—mirrors, glass, and shiny metals—bounce light around a space, helping it look larger and airier. Keep in mind: The area above the vanity isn't the only place to hang a mirror or medicine cabinet; try one on a side wall too for a little extra sparkle.

You may not be able to work the kinks out of your own back the way an in-spa masseuse can, but you can tap into the rejuvenating qualities of touch by picking accents in richly textured materials. A ruffled shower curtain, for example, is a classic for a calming bathroom.

One smart way to make your bath feel as special as any spa: Set it up for comfort at every step. Treat yourself to a new set of ultra-plush towels, hang up a luxe robe, or choose a cushy bath mat to treat your toes.

The best restorative getaways are the ones that offer little luxuries wherever you look: softly-scented candles, pots of herbal tea or pitchers of lemon-flavored water, clean-smelling soaps and lotions. Keep a few of these indulgences in easy reach, on the countertop or on open shelving, to ensure you use this spruced-up space as your personal retreat.