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2022-06-02 07:31:06 By : Ms. Livia Xu

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It can be tempting to toss that wet towel into the bathroom corner, but the much more hygienic option would be to sling it around the bar or hook of a nice towel rack. Here are some great ones we recommend.

Buying Guide for the Best Towel Racks Our Picks for the Best Towel Racks Final Thoughts

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Why buy a towel rack?

“Why not?” may be a more apt question. Towel racks are super functional fixtures. They offer a place to hang towels of all kinds: hand towels, kitchen towels, washcloths, body towels, hair towels, etc., to help them dry off faster. Towel racks can look nice, too. Keep an eye out for towel racks that you think would look nice in your bathroom or kitchen.

What should you look for in a towel rack?

How much should you expect to spend on a towel rack?

Prices vary based on materials, design, size, and function. The products we review here range from $14 to $50, so they’re affordable and reliable options for most people. If you’ve been dreaming of a deluxe towel warmer towel rack complete with a built-in timer, you can have it; they just tend to cost closer to $200. However, if you don’t need the high-tech bells and whistles in a towel rack, our top picks have reliable functionality and amazing value.

A strong, stylish adhesive towel bar that's damage-free and full of versatility.

Pros: This streamlined, classic-looking towel rack requires no tools whatsoever to install. It comes with four water-resistant adhesive strips, which out-perform their ugly, less reliable suction cup alternative. You can stick this metal towel rack with a satin nickel finish on almost any surface, including glass, wood, tile, fiberglass, mirrors, and painted walls. If you decide to move it from one place to another, you’ll see why this is a damage-free towel rack: no sticky residue and no holes to cover up.

Cons: Some people say that the adhesive strips don’t hold up as well as they’d hoped and recommended hanging lightweight towels only.

Bottom Line: Stick this Command hand towel bar in whatever room you may need a towel without having to drill any holes. It works great and looks fantastic.

Keep your hand towel within reach without cluttering your counter space with this towel bar.

Pros: This shiny towel ring with a satin nickel finish is a modern, elegant fixture for the bathroom. It’s made of durable zinc alloy and can hold up to 11 pounds. While there may be suction cup mounts for towel fixtures out there, this towel ring secures into the wall. The screws, mounting brackets, and drywall anchors are all included; however, you will need a 1/8-inch slotted screwdriver.

Cons: Some find the installation trickier than it should be.

Bottom Line: This shiny fixture may be just what the bathroom needs to keep hand towels off the floor and to add a nice touch.

This striking two-tiered pedestal towel rack offers a nice way to jazz up the bathroom and keep it tidier, too.

Pros: This freestanding, two-tiered pedestal towel rack is more than a handy appliance; it’s part furniture as well. While it’s not overly large, the towel rack does make a statement. Constructed of rust-resistant alloy steel, the rack is also corrosion- and tarnish-resistant, so that shiny chrome color will last over the years. The structure stands stable owing to its wide base; have no worries about tipping it over!

Cons: This towel rack is on the spendier side, and it takes up more floor space than other models.

Bottom Line: This pedestal two-tiered towel rack may be just what you’re looking for to complete your bathroom aesthetic. It’s a unique option that’ll look great next to a big bathtub.

This durable rustproof and waterproof rack can hold larger towels and robes.

Pros: This stylish towel rack is made of durable manganese steel with laser-cut integrated molding for a delicate, long-lasting, rustproof, and waterproof towel rack. Plus, the matte surface makes the rack easy to clean. It’s sure to bring a bit of style to your bathroom. There are five oversized hooks in total perfect for bulky towels or robes.

Cons: Several customers say they were disappointed with the rack’s smaller size.

Bottom Line: Go bold with this decorative, sturdy five-rack towel hanger. It makes a nice focal point on a bathroom wall.

Made of durable steel wire, this towel rack is decorative and functional.

Pros: This towel rack offers six tiers of vertical arm storage for clean, rolled towels. Thanks to the open design, it’s quick and easy to grab a towel as needed while adding a bit of a decorative touch to your bathroom. The wall-hanging design is suitable for just about any space—above the toilet, beside the sink, next to the shower, or on an empty wall. The durable rust-resistant finish is stylish and easy to care for.

Cons: Some people found that larger towels don’t fit as well on this rack.

Bottom Line: The design is compelling but subtle—just the right combination for upgrading a bathroom. It’s a great towel rack for large families and singles alike.

Towel racks are such a great addition to the bathroom or kitchen because they offer the opportunity to keep the space and your towels clean and tidy. More than that, towel racks can spruce things up according to your taste.

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