10 Best WWE Funko Pops, Ranked

2022-07-02 07:00:19 By : Mr. Jenson Yang

Toy collectors have seen some truly incredible WWE Funko Pops come to life. These are some of the best!

The toy company Funko has been around since 1998. Since then, they've gradually grown into one of the most recognizable companies in the toy game. In 2010, Funko introduced their most popular product to date, the Funko Pop. These Pop Vinyl figures have been all the rage for collectors since their debut.

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In 2014, Funko signed a licensing deal with WWE allowing them to begin producing WWE Pops. In the eight years since then, collectors have seen some truly incredible WWE Pops come to life. Most of them have been top-notch. However, there's been a handful of WWE Pops over the years that stand head and shoulders above the rest.

In 2014, after years of avoiding the inevitable, Sting finally signed with WWE. This caused Sting collectors all over the world to rejoice because it meant we'd finally get some WWE merchandise for The Stinger. During the six years, while Sting was with WWE, the promotion did pump put some quality Sting products. Although, probably not as many as fans would've hoped for.

One standout piece of Stinger memorabilia that WWE produced was this FYE Exclusive Funko Pop 2-Pack featuring a Surfer Sting and Lex Luger. This particular 2-Pack is special because it's the only Surfer Sting Pop fans will likely ever get and it's the only Lex Luger Pop ever, for now. Not to mention, it's very aesthetically pleasing.

Throughout his long legendary career, "Nature Boy" Ric Flair has seen countless action figures and collectibles with his likeness produced. For the most part, they've all done a great job of capturing Flair's essence. Funko definitely accomplished that when they released their Game Stop Exclusive Royal Rumble 1992 Ric Flair Pop.

Aside from the beautiful detail on Flair's iconic Butterfly Robe, this is one of the first WWE Pops to feature the glittery "Diamond" effect to it. The Pop also comes with a collectible Royal Rumble pin as a bonus. There's been a few Ric Flair Pops made since 2014, but only one tops this gem.

The Undertaker is one of the most iconic performers in WWE history. Furthermore, he had a long career that spanned 30 years. As a result, fans have seen many different iterations of the Undertaker character over the years. Without a doubt, the most beloved out of all of The Undertaker's versions is the Deadman from the early 90s.

That version of The Undertaker was forever immortalized by Funko with their 2022 Game Stop Exclusive release. This Pop features The Undertaker in his memorable black and purple attire. What puts this specific Undertaker Pop over the top is the coffin "The Deadman" is sitting up in. It was a nice touch to an already great Pop.

Recency bias aside, when it's all said and done, 2022 is going to go down as a great year for WWE Funko Pops. Aside from the Game Stop Exclusive Undertaker, another iconic WWE performer got a new Pop incarnation, Randy Savage. Since 2014, there's been several "Macho Man" Randy Savage Pops released.

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However, until 2022, there was never a "Macho King" WWE Pop. This Entertainment Earth Exclusive took care of that. This Pop captures Savage in all his WrestleMania 6 glory. It comes with a crown, scepter, and entrance jacket. The only thing missing from WWE's Randy Savage Pop catalog now is a WCW-era release.

Pro wrestling fans love watching the physical action in the ring. Where pro wrestling hooks fans though is through storytelling and the emotional investment made towards characters. One specific performer WWE fans have been behind for years now is Finn Balor. One of Balor's main selling points is his supernatural alter ego, The Demon.

Wrestling fans have shown a soft spot for supernatural characters over the years and Demon Finn is just another example of that. This FYE Exclusive Pop shows Balor in his full Demon attire. The detail on the face and body paint is exquisite. Visually speaking, it might be the best WWE Pop ever.

Hulk Hogan is perhaps the biggest megastar to ever emerge from the world of pro wrestling. During the 80s, Hulkamania took the world by storm and made Hogan a household name. In the mid-90s, Hogan turned heel and became "Hollywood" Hogan, the villainous leader of The nWo. From that point forward, the endless debate began on which version of Hogan was superior.

For what it's worth, in terms of WWE Funko Pops, Hollywood Hogan was superior. This 2K Exclusive Hollywood Hogan Pop show's off the bad guy Hogan perfectly. It comes with his signature nWo shirt and "Hollywood" bandana. A red and yellow version of Hollywood Hogan was also released in Pop form but many fans prefer the nWo version.

Part of being a professional wrestler is being a showman. In the past, stars like "Gorgeous" George, "Macho Man" Randy Savage, and Shawn Michaels have all understood that and used their ring attire to help themselves stand out. Another performer who has shown a knack for wearing flashy ring attire is Rey Mysterio.

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This made Mysterio a perfect performer to model Pops after. All of Mysterio's early Pops are classics. All of them have become extremely pricey since their releases. Perhaps the best out of all those is this San Diego Comic Con Exclusive release. It features Mysterio in black attire with very colorful accents. The Mysterio SDCC Exclusive Pop is among the rarest WWE Pops ever.

The whole point of Funko's Pop Vinyl figures is to commemorate pop culture icons. There's perhaps no performer in wrestling history that has woven his way into the fabric of pop culture more than "Nature Boy" Ric Flair. As such, it's only right for Flair to have more than one incredible Pop release. To be fair, there's been a total of five Ric Flair Pops to date.

However, none of them are as good as this WWE 2K Exclusive Ric Flair. This Pop shows "Naitch" stylin' 'n' profilin' in his tailor-made clothes and shades. It also comes with the Big Gold Belt, a first for WWE Pops. This particular Pop was only available as part of the WWE 2K19 Collectors Edition Bundle, making it the rarest Ric Flair Pop to date.

In recent years, Funko has begun experimenting with the presentation of their Pops. A standard Pop stands about four inches tall and comes in a small cardboard box with a clear window. Recently, collectors have seen pops that stand 6 inches and over. We've also seen a slight departure in terms of packaging, especially with some WWE Pops.

A great of this is the 2022 Game Stop Exclusive Low Rider Eddie Guerrero. This is the first WWE Pop to come with a vehicle accessory, as this Guerrero comes with one of his iconic Low Riders. This Guerrero is going to be hard to top. Although it's fair to assume that we'll be getting more WWE Pops with vehicles eventually.

Today, CM Punk is a lightning rod for debate within the internet wrestling community. Some fans love that he's back in wrestling and part of the AEW roster. Other fans think he's washed up and should've stayed retired. Regardless, Punk is still one of the biggest names in the sport, just like in 2014.

That year, Punk was part of the first wave of WWE Pops to hit retailers. He's actually the second WWE performer to ever be made into a Pop, hence his being labeled "Number 2" in the line. Like Rey Mysterio, all the early CM Punks are rare and expensive. Also like Mysterio though, there's one CM Punk Pop that stands apart, this Hot Topic Exclusive CM Punk. It captures Punk in his Bret Hart tribute attire. It's considered one of the Holy Grails of WWE Pops, if not the sole Holy Grail.

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